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Luxury Hotels in New Delhi

Luxury Hotels in New Delhi- For a High-End Living

Delhi is a bustling metropolitan where tradition meets modernity. The city is an entry point for most foreign travelers who visit Indian with the purpose of corporate alliance and sightseeing tours. There are several places of interest to see and visit in New Delhi such as mosques, temples, monuments and mansions etc. It reminds one about the bygone eras of …Continue reading →

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Luxury Hotels in New Delhi: An Outline of Boutique Properties in Delhi

A large chunk of travelers who often visit New Delhi belongs to a class of high-end travelers. No wonder, they prefer to stay in 5 star luxury hotels in New Delhi. But the interesting thing is that not only high end travelers but even budget travelers find the charm and exclusive services of these boutique hotels enthralling. Choosing a right …Continue reading →

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Five Star Hotels in New Delhi: Abode of World Class Facilities

The capital city of India, New Delhi is home to people of diverse faiths and communities. The city is the  focal point of ‘n’ number of travelers that include corporate travelers, state heads, bureaucrats and local & international tourists. The reason for such a variety is the availability of medieval era buildings, old markets, multi cuisine outlets and business districts. …Continue reading →

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New Delhi- Comfortable Stay In the Lap of Luxury

Although Delhi is a metropolitan city but it is also known as a city which has retained its old-world charm. The capital city of India carries in itself various cultures, religions, traditions and communities which is not only the center of politics and culture of the country but has also been important in the history. Delhi is home to a …Continue reading →


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Experience A Luxurious Stay In New Delhi Hotels

Delhi, the capital city of India nestles in itself, people from all cultures as well as civilization. All around the city there are various monuments of historical as well as religious importance. You actually get to see, two vast times here. Old Delhi has an old-world charm while New Delhi has to offer sky high buildings, malls, discotheques, posh markets …Continue reading →

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Some Common Facilities Found in Five Star Hotels in New Delhi

Being the national capital of a country as dynamic as India, New Delhi welcomes a variable chunk of high profile travelers from India as well as abroad. Going by their standard of living and distinguished status in the society, it is fairly obvious that New Delhi luxury hotels built under the aegis of renowned hotel chains will get first preference. …Continue reading →

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